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How to Grow Your Appointment-based Business with AI

If you own an appointment-based business, you know that your website plays a critical role in driving bookings and revenue. With 67% of patients preferring online booking, it’s key that you optimize your site to cater to the majority that would rather book appointments from their phone or computer. But this is no easy feat— particularly if your business offers a wide variety of services.

One appointment-based business company that’s conquered the challenges of website optimization is LaserAway, the nation’s leader in aesthetic dermatology. Using AI-driven optimization, the brand has tested over 2600 variations and seen a 200% lift on its core services page.

Keep reading to learn how LaserAway achieved impressive results with Intellimize’s AI Optimize.

Like many appointment-based businesses, LaserAway's primary revenue stream relies heavily on customers scheduling consultations in advance through an online lead generation form. Before partnering with Intellimize, the marketing team at LaserAway had been utilizing a tool for A/B testing and light multivariate testing, but they were unsatisfied with the results. Recognizing the untapped potential for increasing conversions, the LaserAway team sought a website optimization partner who could not only assist with testing ideas but also provide strategic recommendations.

Amongst many other reasons, LaserAway was drawn to Intellimize for its AI-driven optimization features. The LaserAway team recognized that AI Optimize would enable them to test a higher number of website variations than they could with their previous solution. 

After onboarding with Intellimize, the LaserAway team started by testing tons of combinations of their multi-step booking form. Sample combinations included testing:

  • The number of steps to complete the form
  • New icon styles
  • Text only steps
  • Alphabetizing icons and options in each step

With AI Optimize, LaserAway was able to test a high volume of variations at a velocity they would not have otherwise been able to achieve, driving a 100% lift on average. But the LaserAway team didn’t just stop at using AI-driven optimization to improve their multi-step form, they also applied the power of AI to their services pages, exit-intent modals, and many other parts of their site!

LaserAway’s story perfectly illustrates how to apply AI to your appointment-based business to get more bookings on your calendar, and ultimately drive revenue. 

Interested in learning more about how LaserAway leveraged AI Optimize to book more consultations through their website? Read the full story here.

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