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How to Minimize Shipping Cost Concerns with Dynamic Website Elements

Unless your brand offers free shipping worldwide on every product, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all shipping price for every order. Because of this, many brands rely on dynamic website elements to show each visitor what they can expect to pay for shipping for their particular order. Using variables like order size, shipping address, and seasonal promotions, brands calculate shipping costs associated with each visitors’ specific purchase. And with clever dynamic elements, brands pass this personalized shipping cost information on to each shopper as they enter the checkout flow.

Keep reading to see four real examples of how leading ecommerce brands leverage dynamic website elements to minimize visitors’ shipping cost concerns.


In the example below, Bombas uses a visual of a loading bar to indicate to shoppers how much more they’ll need to spend to get free shipping. In including this figure on the right side of its “Shopping Bag” page, Bombas gamifies its shopping experience—making visitors feel like winners for spending at least $50. Ka-ching!

Dynamic Website Elements


Like Bombas, HSN also requires shoppers to hit a spending threshold with the brand to get free shipping. On the right side of its “Your Bag” page, HSN lets visitors know how far away they are from hitting the minimum spend in bold red font. The copy encourages visitors to “go for it” when it comes to spending more with HSN.

Dynamic Website Elements


Licensed sportswear and collectibles company, Fanatics, doesn’t play around when it comes to its shipping policy! On its shopping cart page, Fanatics lets shoppers know that the brand offers free shipping for orders over $24 no less than three times on the page. More than that, the brand automatically inputs the “24SHIP” discount code in the “Have a coupon?” section, building trust and ensuring that no shopper completes checkout without scoring the deal.

Dynamic Website Elements


Kitchen appliance brand, Kitchenaid, uses a bold green font on the right side of its “My Shopping Cart” page to let customers know they’ll receive free shipping on their order. Easy does it!

Dynamic Website Elements

We hope these four examples give you the inspiration you need to start experimenting with dynamic elements on your website. For more shopping cart page experiment inspo, check out the following blog posts:

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