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Unveiling a New Look: Evolving the Intellimize Dashboard

Today marks an exciting milestone for the Intellimize team. We are thrilled to unveil a visually refreshed product experience! 

Just as marketers thrive on captivating campaigns, the impact of compelling UI drives us as designers. With our recent brand refresh, we seized the opportunity to embark on a comprehensive design overhaul to improve our standards and give our customers an even greater sense of delight within the app experience. . 

We hope that sharing our behind-the-scenes work inspires your own efforts. With that, let’s get into our most impactful changes!

What’s New 

In a product dedicated to personalization and experimentation, our primary goal was to reduce the clutter and bring focus to what truly matters. Every moment is precious for a busy marketer, and we get it! We felt we needed to optimize each moment spent with Intellimize—from creating their latest landing page to analyzing the results of their latest experiment. 

Welcome Inter: Finding the Right Typeface 

Functionally and aesthetically, our new font Inter, felt like the right fit. Inter adds a subtle but significant change to give breathing room to our information-dense product. This font is regarded for its approachable yet professional look. While its predecessor, Roboto has similar merits, the increased x-height and width of Inter improves legibility for our smaller, varied type sizes typically used in our tables and data visualizations. Moreover, it pairs well with our brand font, Manrope. 

Inter font

Improved Interactions: Joy With Each Click  

In a product experience, interactive elements like buttons, dropdowns, and toggles abound. By enhancing ours to be larger, more rounded, and surrounded by more space, we aimed to instill our UI with a greater sense of ease and approachability. As marketers may relate, optimizing for the moment the user interacts with your product brings a subtle yet powerful elegance amplified by each click. 

While our focus was on the holistic dashboard experience, we couldn’t help but embrace the opportunity to make small but important UX changes to elements that caused friction. For instance, pausing variations is now as simple as one click. 

Intellimize dashboard
Intellimize dashboard

Brand Identity: Infusing the Product with Personality 

One of our biggest motivations was to evolve the product to bring more joy to the experience. In partnership with our marketing team, we experimented with ways to infuse each screen with a bolder, colorful look. The goal was to reflect our personality and help customers feel connected to the humans behind the company while adding a touch of fun. For example, we aimed to make that moment of seeing the results of your experience or landing page as rewarding as possible. 

Intellimize Dashboard
Intellimize Dashboard


This visual refresh enhances almost every page and element of the Intellimize app—from typography to data visualizations to entire page layouts. The end result is a product that behaves (mostly) the same but is more efficient, expressive, and delightful to use.

This multifaceted effort required months of collaboration and feedback across our marketing, product, engineering, and customer success teams. This project has shone a light on our entire company’s commitment to creating an interface that not only serves its functional purpose but also captivates users’ attention and makes their jobs ultimately more enjoyable.

This investment into our app’s interface is also an enabler for our product team. With an increasingly consistent design system, our design and engineering teams can move even faster with these reusable components. With that in mind, we hope you stay tuned as more changes arrive in the near future!

What’s Next

As many designers say, a design system is never done, so you can continue to expect new improvements coming from our team.   

This redesign is just the first in a series of enhancements you can expect in the coming months. Keep an eye out for more significant improvements to our Visual Editor

~ Kiran and Gwyneth

Kiran Hansen

Kiran Hansen is a Staff Product Designer at Intellimize. She has over 10 years of experience in tackling complex problems, from discovery to delivery. She brings a range of experiences across startups and global consultancies like R/GA, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and ChowNow.

Gwyneth Chan

Gwyneth Chan is the Director of Product Design at Intellimize, with over 15 years of diverse expertise in design, research, product leadership, and entrepreneurship. With a passion for understanding user needs, she seamlessly integrates the Voice of the Customer into software design, paving the way for successful product launches and impactful sales outcomes. 

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