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Build Smarter Landing Pages with the Power of AI

With more and more consumers expecting personalized digital experiences, the need for personalized landing pages has never been higher. To meet this demand we released Intellimize Landing Pages in October 2023, which enable marketers to build personalized landing pages at scale. Today we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve expanded upon this release with the launch of our newest feature, AI Landing Pages, the fastest way to build personalized landing pages for every persona, using generative AI.

To get started all you need to do is select an existing page of your website to serve as the template for your new landing page. From there simply prompt our powerful AI on how you’d like to adjust the messaging on your page. Our AI will tailor copy based on the audience, persona, or target account you’re trying to appeal to and replicate your brand attributes on the page. No need to write in full sentences— rather, pretend you’re shooting a quick Slack to a coworker who is going to edit the copy for you!

Using the existing copy on the page paired with your prompt, our AI will rewrite each of the text elements on your page and compile them into a list where you can deselect any changes you don’t like. Think of an AI Landing Page as your first draft— once you’ve selected the AI-generated text elements you’d like to move forward with, you can edit the page using our Visual Editor

Here’s an example of how we leveraged AI Landing Pages using our homepage as a template with the prompt ”focus on deals for our winter sale, 50% off, use winter phrasing."

AI Landing Pages Screenshot

In addition to expanding the functionality of Intellimize Landing Pages, this release is an exciting addition to our arsenal of AI-driven tools: AI Content Studio, suggest copy, and AI Optimize. Best of all AI Landing Pages come standard in all of our pricing plans, including Starter Package— which means you can try out AI Landing Pages for free for seven days!

Although there are countless use cases for AI Landing Pages, here are a few to spark inspiration:

Empower Your Sales Team 

Whether you’re running a comprehensive account-based marketing (ABM) program or just getting started with website personalization, you need to arm your sellers with personalized assets to aid in the sales cycle. Rather than your marketing team creating individual landing pages on behalf of your sales team, your sellers can now create their own personalized landing pages for target accounts.

Because our AI will mimic the tone of the copy on the existing page, you can rest assured that your sellers are creating one-off landing pages that adhere to marketing guidelines. With AI Landing Pages, your sales team can create the landing pages they need on the fly, empowering sellers to accelerate the sales cycle.

Create One-off Ecommerce Campaigns

Interested in experimenting with one-off campaigns and promotions without interrupting everything else running on your site? AI Landing Pages enable ecommerce marketing teams to create sleek landing pages with just a few simple clicks. With AI Landing Pages you can try out campaigns and promotions on a small scale, allowing you to gather insights before making any changes to your base website.

Creating personalized landing pages at scale has never been easier. If you’re interested in getting started with AI Landing Pages and converting more browsers into buyers, book a demo or check out our Starter Package today!

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