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How Impact Dog Crates doubled their homepage conversion rate in 90 days with Intellimize

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Impact Dog Crates is a direct-to-consumer brand that sells high-quality, heavy-duty aluminum dog crates and accessories. Through years of product innovation and testing, Impact Dog Crates has designed and created leading dog crates for everything from airline travel to at-home use. The brand also touts a High Anxiety Crate, built for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, which has proven to be a key differentiator for their business. 

Although the company has made a big impression within the pet supply industry, the Impact Dog Crates team is still lean, which means that most of their employees are tasked with several roles and responsibilities. This is especially true for McKinley Hancock, Impact Dog Crates’ Web Developer, who in addition to designing and coding the brand’s site, also leads conversion rate optimization (CRO) at the company.

The broad scope of his role paired with Impact Dog Crates’ focus on driving conversions through its website, made it key for Hancock to identify an optimization solution that would allow him to make impactful changes to the website, quickly. Additionally, because Hancock intends to offload the brand’s CRO program onto a new hire in the future, he was motivated to find a codeless solution so future operators could make changes to the site without needing extensive coding skills.

A homepage with an impact

Given his experience using Intellimize at a previous company, Hancock knew the AI-driven optimization solution would be a great fit for Impact Dog Crates’ needs. After signing on with Intellimize in February 2023, the brand’s first area of focus was improving conversion rates on its homepage.

Before running new variations of the homepage with Intellimize, the brands’ homepage featured a hero image with a specific dog breed and a headline promoting a deal on a certain color of dog crates. With Intellimize, Impact Dog Crates was able to test a hero image featuring a different dog breed and several headline combinations. And, within just two weeks, a new variation became the clear winner.

To create a seamless ad-to-homepage experience, the brand launched a digital ad campaign featuring the winning image and messaging and tracked those who clicked on ads with UTM parameters. Intellimize’s UTM functionality allowed Impact Dog Crates to show the winning version of the homepage to those who clicked on the ad, featuring the exact same image in the ad for continuity.

Before this experiment, visitors spent around two minutes on their site in total, but post experiment, users were spending upwards of 10 minutes browsing multiple pages, reading product descriptions, adding to cart and checking out quickly.

Through this experiment, Impact Dog Crates saw sales double with a 2% conversion rate on the homepage specifically.

AI, unleashed

For Impact Dog Crates, Intellimize’s AI-driven optimization features have been key to the brand’s CRO strategy. Using AI Optimize, the brand can dynamically serve the right variation of the website to the right visitor at the right time. 

“All of my tests I've done are using AI Optimize and it will just automatically show those variations to the right campaigns that these customers are coming from, and it's been an amazing tool. It's taken a load off my back, in having to learn how to target the right audience in terms of testing.”
Mckinley Hancock, Web Developer at Impact Dog Crates

Impact Dog Crates also leverages the AI copy suggest functionality built directly into the Intellimize Visual Editor to create new copy variations. The team uses AI copy suggest to generate ideas, then takes the outputs and modifies them to fit whatever situation they’re writing for. With Intellimize’s suite of codeless, AI-powered tools, it’s easy for the Impact Dog Crates team to ideate quickly and achieve results much faster than with traditional A/B testing.

Having a ball with Shopify

In addition to its AI-driven capabilities, Intellimize’s integration with Shopify is another critical benefit the brand has been able to leverage. The integration automatically captures Shopify purchase activities to make it faster and easier for the team at Impact Dog Crates to identify optimization opportunities. 

Best of all, the integration takes almost no time to set up. The team downloaded the app, installed a snippet of code, and was “up and running within an hour.” 

Testing plans for the future

With 10 experiments live and 30 variations running on their site, the future of website optimization is bright at Impact Dog Crates. This quarter, they plan to test out new CTA button colors and pricing changes. And after having already seen an 80% increase in conversions since last year, there’s no doubt that Impact Dog Crates will use Intellimize to execute their new experiments.

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