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How Intellimize Helps Dermalogica Grow Its eCommerce Business

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Intellimize allows us to focus on creativity

In this short video, hear directly from Dermalogica CEO, Aurelian Lis, on the impact their partnership with Intellimize has made to their business.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Dermalogica originally started as a business focused on skin treatment education, then three years later, launched their own product line and has grown from there.

With a large online presence (including multiple websites in multiple countries) it was clear that the strong correlation between website traffic and conversions heavily impacted sales of their products. 

The Dermalogica team started using Intellimize on their US and UK websites to better understand the conversion factor of their sales equation and eventually expanded use to 6+ international websites.  

Aurelian explains that Intellimize allows Dermalogica to take the creative aspects of their marketing on the website and then provide business insights to make more decisions based on control groups and repeated testing of a number of combinations of on-page elements. Running more than 450 variations of tests, Aurelian credits Intellimize’s AI Optimize with enabling Dermalogica to win hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

“It’s an easy way for us to deliver a very personalized site, and not by segments that we’ve dreamed up, but segments that have been machine learned by repetitive trial and error on a huge scale.”
Aurelian Lis, CEO, Dermalogica

In the end, Dermalogica is empowered to test more creative elements and implement changes backed by real business insights, powered by machine learning, to drive serious results for their brand.

If you’d like to chat directly with our team, you can request a demo here.

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