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How Perkville drove 13% improvement in loyalty program registrations

Feb 06, 2018

3 Questions Video Blog Series: Sunil Saha, Perkville

We had an opportunity to sit down recently with Sunil Saha, Chief Executive Officer at Perkville. He shared that using predictive personalization enabled them to drive a 13% lift in new loyalty program registrations.

The team at Perkville initially focused on two flows: customer referrals and loyalty program registrations.  He noted that at first he was skeptical they would see results given their relatively small traffic and was excited to see a 13% lift in registrations and a 70% lift in customer referrals. His advice for other marketers is to use predictive personalization to test more ideas.  For example, he notes, personalizations related to device type and geography can help drive results. “There’s probably a lot you’re not testing today. There’s a lot of value you can get from using technology like this.”