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Optimizing Website Conversions at Bonusly with Continuous Machine Learning

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more product demo requests in 3 months
new ideas tested in just under 4 months
“Intellimize changed the game for [our] marketing team.”
- Elisse Lockhart,  VP Marketing, Bonusly

Bonusly is a technology company that enables customers to engage with and retain employees with their recognition and rewards platform. Upon joining the company in 2019, Elisse Lockhart, VP Marketing set out to optimize the B2B company’s marketing funnel. To do so, Elisse and her team began A/B testing the Bonusly site with Google Optimize.

Her team quickly found that Google Optimize was too slow and did not allow her team to test the high volume of website experiments they wished to run. Because the traffic to their website was lower volume, they did not have enough visitors to gather the results from their A/B tests in a short period of time. Rather than Google Optimize providing the data they needed to move forward, her team was held back waiting for statistically significant results to come through the A/B testing tool.

Meet AI Optimize

To ramp up their website testing, Elisse sought to implement website optimization software with machine learning that could automatically make adjustments to the Bonusly site and improve conversions. Elisse selected Intellimize to help her team scale their website experimentation efforts. 

AI Optimize, Intellimize’s machine learning technology, allows teams to test a virtually unlimited number of ideas at once, amplifying more successful ideas and deprioritizing losing versions of traffic, as it continuously drives conversions.

Elisse’s team was able to test 85 new website ideas within 4 months of starting with Intellimize! They also generated 67% more product demo requests from their  homepage in their first three months using Intellimize. According to Elisse “Intellimize changed the game for Bonusly’s marketing team.”

To learn more about the results that Intellimize can drive for your business, book a demo here.

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