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Curated customer logos

Apr 28, 2021

Adding brand logos for your existing customers is a good way to build trust and present social proof. The example above is from Drift. Take it to the next level by tailoring some of the logos to speak directly to a given prospect’s situation.

Tailor logos to your prospect’s competitors

Imagine investigating a solution and seeing that several of your competitors are already using that solution. You’d instantly know that the solution is probably a good fit for you.

Consider using a deanonymization service or info you’ve learned to identify some of the prospect’s competitors who are also your customers. Intellimize can swap out your customer logos with corresponding competitors. In many cases, prospects are more likely to engage:

  • It’s an effective way to gain social proof and validation that it’s the right solution
  • Washes away some of the prospect’s mystery and doubt
  • Gets the prospect’s competitive juices flowing
Illustrative example: Medallia

Let’s say that a prospect is identified as working for Verizon because they’ve provided a Verizon work email address. Logos could be swapped to show competitors like Sprint, T-Mobile, and Vodafone:

Tailor logos by audience

When you know what a prospect’s industry, role, or interests are, you can refine your logos to match that audience. Essentially, showcase the most relevant logos you have to the prospect to pique their interest.

Example: Intellimize

One audience that could be considered is whether a prospect is B2B or ecommerce. Rather than surface both options to a prospect, the page can have tailored logos that speak to each known audience.

Tailor logos by geolocation

Depending on your offerings, you may be able to leverage the prospect’s geographical location (e.g. city, state, country, or region) to further tailor the logos to the prospect.

Options might include:

  • Region-sensitive competitors of the prospect
  • Your customers that are based near the prospect (for higher recognition)
Sample scenario:

Let’s say that you know I’m in the food services industry and you know where my business is located. Rather than showing possible competitor logos from around the country/world, you could target competitors that are local to me.

One option would be to present a state map with my competitors’ logos pinned to it.

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