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3 ABM Resolutions for 2024

It’s that time of the year again…that’s right, it’s time to participate in the time-honored tradition of setting resolutions for the new year. Will 2024 be the year you redownload Duolingo to perfect your Klingon? Maybe the new year holds the promise of finally mastering the art of folding a fitted sheet. Whatever the case may be, we know 2024 is definitely your year!

We may be a bit biased, but in addition to your personal goals, we think you should set some attainable resolutions for your account based marketing (ABM)  program! Based on our brand new eBook, Fill in the Blanks of Your ABM Program, our three ABM resolutions will give you the structure you need to truly step up your marketing game in the new year.

Keep reading to check out our top three ABM resolutions for 2024.

Prioritize Tools with Ample Integrations 

One of the many challenges associated with ABM is selecting software that fits your team’s exact needs. As you’re vetting new ABM solutions, or renegotiating contracts with your current ABM vendors, resolve to take a closer look at how they integrate with the rest of your martech stack. When ABM marketers leverage tools that force them to operate in a silo it can make it difficult to turn data and insights into an actionable and scalable program.

Look for solutions that make it easy to connect your ABM program with your entire marketing tech stack. Intellimize enables you to bring your CRM, marketing automation platform, and ABM orchestration tool together to streamline the flow of information and apply insights directly to your website.

Conquer the Challenge of Personalized Landing Pages

Creating personalized landing pages at scale has long been one of the greatest plights for ABM marketers. In 2024, set an intention to conquer this notorious ABM challenge— you may find that it’s not as hard as you think! 

Using the Intellimize landing page builder you can easily build custom landing pages for each industry, persona, account, or person you are trying to connect with. Our Visual Editor allows you to build landing pages using a WYSIWYG editor, meaning that there are no coding skills required. Plus, you can also add dynamic content pulled in from your ABM orchestration tool or our Enhanced Match! Achieving this ABM milestone has never been easier.

Secure a Reliable Reporting Tool

Because every ABM program is unique and tailored to specific business needs and buyer personas, it can be tricky to figure out which success metrics to track. And, once you've finally nailed down your KPIs, it's a challenge to measure results across the different channels your program comprises.

2024 is your year to secure a reliable reporting tool that makes this common ABM headache disappear. Our powerful Audience Insights can show you which channels are driving the best engagement and which accounts have visited your site!

As 2023 draws to a close, we hope these three ABM resolutions inspire you to make some healthy changes to your marketing program in the new year. For more guidance on exactly how to plug the holes in your ABM strategy, be sure to download Fill in the Blanks of Your ABM Program today.

Fill in the Blanks of Your ABM Program