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How to Leverage Intellimize Landing Pages

Whether you’re an ecommerce marketing pro or an account based marketing (ABM) savant, you know the importance of creating high-converting landing pages. And, with more and more consumers expecting personalized experiences, it’s time to turn your focus toward a personalization strategy for your landing page program. 

This is where Intellimize comes in.

An Intellimize landing page is like a new page for your site that's fully customizable. To get started, all you need to do is pick an existing page of your website to serve as the template for your new landing page. For ecommerce marketers, this might be a category page or product detail page (PDP), while B2B marketers might select their homepage or demo page as a starting place. From there you can modify the page using a simple "WYSIWYG" interface, apply custom code, or leverage our AI Landing Pages feature to bring your new landing page to life! 

Using the Visual Editor you can add, delete, and refine elements, update fonts, and use our AI copy suggest feature to write new messaging. Once you’re finished building your landing page, Intellimize will make a unique URL of your choosing to include in your SMS, emails, ads, or other marketing materials. 

Although there are countless use cases for Intellimize landing pages, here are a couple to get you started:

Reduce Bounce Rates

If a shopper/prospect clicks on your ad or a link in a marketing email, you've already captured their interest! Harness that momentum with an Intellimize landing page that contains personalized content that already resonates with them. In creating a seamless ad-to-landing page experience you’ll be able to cater to specific visitors’ interests and reduce bounce rates.

Personalized Pages

If you’re running a 1:1 ABM program, and want to build a unique experience for each of your target accounts consider creating tailor-made landing pages. To drive engagement, you can adjust copy, images, and other content on each landing page to speak to each account you’re trying to win. 

If you prefer a 1:few approach, you can create just a handful of landing pages and include dynamic content pulled from data sources like Enhanced Match, Salesforce, 6Sense, or Demandbase. In doing so you can show different values like company name or job title depending on the data associated with each visitor without having to create individual landing pages for each account. You can use the account engagement section associated with each landing page you create to track which accounts or contacts have engaged with a given page. These features can be especially useful when scaling your ABM program to reach lower-tier accounts.

You can also pull data from these same sources to personalize the content on your landing pages based on technographics, revenue range,  persona, and more depending on what information you’ve collected. That said, you don’t need first or third-party data to start scaling your personalized landing page program with Intellimize, but our powerful integrations are on standby as you expand your tech stack.

Building your personalized landing page program has never been simpler. If you’re interested in getting started with Intellimize landing pages and converting more browsers into buyers, book a demo or check out our Starter Package today!

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