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3 Ecommerce Website Ideas for Summer 2023

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and summer events are in full swing—weddings, vacations, picnics, beach days, and carnivals. This means more shoppers planning out their warm-weather wardrobes and events, as well as consumers skimming for last minute summer bargains. This season is the perfect opportunity to experiment with your ecommerce website to optimize for every kind of visitor. 

In the first quarter of 2023, ecommerce sales hit $253.1 billion, an 8% lift from the year-earlier quarter. With stats like these characterizing the ecommerce industry this year, the time is right for brands to discover how to sustain revenue into the summer months. 

Keep reading to see the types of website tests leading companies are executing this summer as you deck out your site for the warmer months. 

Add Summer Product Offerings to Your Website Navigation 

When it comes to promoting summer products this season, include a section in your navigation bar that specifically highlights seasonal products in order to drive visitors to convert. 

In the example below, Princess Polly utilizes their navigation bar to direct visitors to create summer product offerings. With the brand’s  expansive inventory specifically targeted at teens and Gen Z, Princess Polly customers are likely searching for all kinds of summer products, including trendy clothing, sandals, and TikTok approved accessories. The website design and drop down makes it easy for visitors to find all of the brand’s summer items all in one place. 

Princess Polly summer product offering page

Try out a Summer-themed Discount or Offer 

This summer, experiment with a seasonal offer and then take it a step further by testing out copy variations. Engage with website visitors by incorporating second-person pronouns, such as you, yours or yourself. This kind of copy can engage visitors with a personal customer experience, driving them to convert on your website. Not only will they feel drawn in with personalized pronoun copy, but visitors will also feel as if they are being addressed directly, a strategy that could have  a positive impact on your conversation rates. 

In the example below, Peloton offers a summer discount while using second-person copy. With many people looking for a new go-to workout or exercise routine in the summer months, visitors have to look no further than this thematic banner to explore a new workout while taking part in summer savings as well. 

Peloton summer savings offer

Test Out Summer-related Headlines and Subheadlines 

Try testing out a headline or subheadline to grab a visitor’s attention and drive them towards engaging with your seasonal content and products. Because the headline is often a key part of a visitor's first impression, it’s important to pique their interest at first glance. Their opinion will be formed instantly, which will dictate if  they’ll be driven to stay and explore your site or seasonal offer. 

In the example below, Sur la Table directs visitors to their seasonal products through  summer-related headline copy. With so many summer events revolving around food, like the 4th of July, customers are easily directed to finding their new favorite lemonade pitcher or festive dishes with this clever headline, subheadline, and image combination.

Sur la Table summer headline

As you think about your CRO strategy for your ecommerce website this summer, consider every element, from your headlines to your summer product descriptions. Allow for your customers to find what they are looking for, and convert in just a few clicks by optimizing your website and experimenting with different variations. 

We hope these tips inspire you to optimize your site for promoting your seasonal products, this summer or for another occasion! 

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