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3 Tips for Writing Awesome Product Descriptions

Including third-party sellers, Amazon sells more than 353 million products which means they have about 353 million product descriptions!

Whether your brand sells under 100 products or is on its way to matching Amazon’s staggering number, there’s no doubt that you and your team spend a lot of time writing product descriptions.

But, what does it take to write a compelling product description that converts? How can you write product descriptions quickly and effectively? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions along with tons of other insights from industry leaders on how to write awesome product descriptions.

Demonstrate Expertise

According to Rishi Rawat, the self-proclaimed Shopify product page guy, demonstration of expertise is the secret sauce behind high-converting product page descriptions. Think about including statistics, product details, and facts that convey to site visitors that your brand is the expert when it comes to the particular products that you sell.

Here are some ways to convey expertise in your product descriptions:

  • Include hard science and facts about the ingredients or materials used to make your product
  • Talk about the positive effects of using the product based on real data and observations
  • Praise competitors to show that your team is aware of what’s out there and doesn’t feel threatened

Appeal to the “Healthy Skeptic”

Rawat also suggests using the product description to appeal to what he calls a Healthy Skeptic. Essentially, a Healthy Skeptic is a site visitor that’s on the fence about purchasing but can be pushed over the edge based on your site content. According to Rawat, a Healthy Skeptic has the following four attributes:

  • Recognizes they have a problem
  • Appreciates expertise
  • Is willing to pay to fix their pain
  • Needs convincing

When writing product descriptions, think about what you can do to appeal to visitors that need more convincing when it comes to your products. What sort of information might they be looking for to make a decision. In doing so you’ll be able to create high-converting product descriptions that capture the attention of visitors that may just as easily have purchased from a competitor.

Rely on AI 

If you’re pressed for time or just have too many product descriptions to write, consider incorporating generative AI tools into your writing process. Jenna Posner, Chief Digital Officer at Snipes, revealed during her session at eTail Palm Springs that brands should rely heavily on AI to write product descriptions. She posits that copywriters should focus on blogs and other editorial content that requires more creativity rather than sinking hours into writing product copy.

Tools like ChatGPT and our very own AI Content Studio can offer you support when drafting up product descriptions. That said, according to Posner it’s critical that you never post any AI-generated product descriptions as-is. You should always copy edit the output to ensure that the tone is on-brand and that the information is factually correct. 

With ecommerce sales only slated to increase in the future, you can bet that the number of product descriptions on your site will too. We hope these three tips give you the inspiration you need to start writing high-converting product descriptions with ease.