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3 Tips for Creating a Great Product Recommendation Quiz

In the digital age, finding the right products amidst a sea of options can be daunting. In fact, a recent study showed that 10% of shoppers will abandon their purchase altogether when faced with an overwhelming level of choice. So, how do you combat the paradox of choice and reduce shopping cart abandonment rates

While there are countless solutions ecommerce marketers can employ, one that’s become increasingly popular is a product recommendation quiz. And considering that interactive content garners 52.6% higher engagement than static content, it’s no surprise that product recommendations have become a leading trend in the world of ecommerce.

Keep reading to learn more about what product recommendation quizzes are, plus three tips for creating your own.

What is a Product Recommendation Quiz?

A product recommendation quiz is a tool used by ecommerce brands to help customers find products that match their preferences and needs. These quizzes are interactive and engaging, guiding users through a series of questions or prompts to understand their preferences, interests, and requirements.

The goal of a product recommendation quiz is to provide personalized product suggestions based on the visitor's responses. The questions in the quiz can cover a wide range of topics depending on the type of products being sold. For example, if the quiz appears on an apparel brand’s website,  questions might ask about the user's style preferences, size, and favorite colors. If it's for a consumer electronics website, questions could focus on the user's budget, desired features, and intended use.

By collecting this information, the quiz algorithm can analyze the responses and generate tailored product recommendations. This personalized approach enhances the customer experience (CX), increases the likelihood of finding products that match the customer's taste, and can ultimately boost sales.

Product Recommendation Quiz Tips

When creating a product recommendation quiz here are three tips to keep in mind:

Think about zero-party data

Although the primary focus of a product recommendation quiz is to guide visitors toward conversion by helping them sort through your offering, that shouldn’t be your only goal. As you build your quiz, you should also think about how you can use it to gather zero-party data. Unlike third or first-party data, zero-party is voluntarily provided by site visitors making it particularly valuable with the end of third-party cookies looming.

With all of this in mind, it’s time to think about what kinds of details you’d like to know about your site visitors and how you’d like to apply that information. Would you like their first names, email addresses, and phone numbers? What about their shoe sizes, favorite colors, or even dogs’ names? You can use these pieces of data to elevate your CX—everything from website personalization to highly tailored direct mail campaigns. 

That said, don’t just collect data for the sake of it. Be strategic about what you choose to ask in your product recommendation quiz, and identify where and how you’ll use the information down the line before you add a question. 

You don’t want your quiz to be too long—more on this in the next section.

Keep it Short

According to Emotive, you should keep your quiz between five to seven questions. Anything longer than seven questions and your visitors might get bored and ditch your quiz. Anything shorter than five questions, and shoppers may doubt the legitimacy of the quiz.

Consider also taking it one step further by letting visitors know how long the quiz will take them to complete before they start. In the example below, cosmetics brand, Youthforia lets visitors know that it takes only 90 seconds to find the perfect shade of the brand’s Date Night Skin Tint Serum Foundation. This signals to visitors that Youthforia’s quiz is quick and easy, compelling them to click the “find your shade” call to action (CTA) button.

Youthforia Product Recommendation Quiz Example

Infuse Your Brand Voice 

When creating your product recommendation quiz—don’t forget to infuse it with your brand voice! Although quizzes can be viewed as largely functional, they’re also a great way to get visitors familiar with your brand.

Before you add a quiz to your site, be sure to sit down with your marketing team to write questions and answers using your brand’s tone. In doing so, you’ll create an interactive site element that not only boosts conversions but also engages visitors with your unique brand voice.

Check out the screenshot below to see how beauty brand, Il Makiage, touts the brand’s sassy tone in its product recommendation quiz.

Il Makiage Product Recommendation Quiz Example

Although there are countless strategies for creating a great product recommendation quiz, we hope the three covered in this post give you the inspiration you need to get started.

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