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5 Beauty Brand CTA Examples

Looking to make your beauty brand’s website sparkle with some glossy new calls to action (CTAs)? You’ve come to the right place! 

In this blog, we're exploring how some of the most popular names in the cosmetics industry inject creativity into their CTAs to drive visitors to take action. From creative language to unique shapes, there’s no shortage of clever ways beauty brands can give their CTA strategies a glow up.

Keep scrolling to check out five CTAs from real beauty brands to get you inspired! Who knows? After reading this blog post you may just need to give your website a full makeover.

Glossier: Product-focused CTA

CTA: Shop Glossier You

It’s no surprise that beauty brand, Glossier, has dedicated one of its website CTA’s to the brand’s viral fragrance, Glossier You. Because many shoppers know this product by name, featuring it in a website CTA is a particularly effective way to drive visitors into the shopping funnel for the perfume.

Beauty Brand CTA Examples

Benefit Cosmetics: First-person Point of View CTA

CTA: Get My Discount

If your beauty website CTAs are feeling a little stale, try playing around with leveraging different points of view in your copy. For some ecommerce brands, using the second-person point of view in CTAs might be right. For others, like Benefit Cosmetics, as seen in the below screenshot, the first-person point of view could be a winning choice.

 In using the first-person point of view, Benefit Cosmetics places the action in the hands of its site visitors. The brand isn’t giving a discount so much as visitors are rightfully taking what is theirs.

Beauty Brand CTA Examples

Tarte Cosmetics: Icons in the CTA

CTA: Try It Now 📷

Has your beauty brand invested in virtual try-on? Follow in Tarte Cosmetics’ footsteps by leveraging icons in your CTA buttons to give your visitors a sneak peek into how your site’s interactive element works. 

In the example below, the use of the camera icon on the CTA button lets site visitors know that the virtual try-on requires camera access. Being forthcoming with this sort of information can support a great customer experience, as those who click the button will be less surprised when the site snaps their photo on the following page.

Beauty Brand CTA Examples

Fenty Beauty: Creative Language

CTA: Hit Refresh

The “beauty” of creating CTAs for cosmetics brands is the ability to use creative language that highlights (see what we did there?) the brand’s products. In the example below, Fenty Beauty encourages visitors to check out the brand’s new shades with its “Hit Refresh” CTA. Rather than more conventional choices like “learn more” or “buy now,” Fenty Beauty’s CTA uses playful, action-oriented language to move visitors through the brand’s site.

Beauty Brand CTA Examples

Caliray: Unique Shape

CTA: Shop All

Looking for another way to infuse some creativity into your beauty website CTAs? What about using a unique button shape rather than the standard rectangle?

As seen below makeup brand, Caliray, uses circular CTA buttons to get visitors’ attention. Although the CTA copy isn’t particularly bold, the circular shape of the button makes the message hard to miss. 

Beauty Brand CTA Examples

Whether you work for a mainstream beauty brand or an indie favorite, clever CTAs are a must-have when building a high-converting cosmetics website. Whether you’re adding a bit of pizazz to your existing CTAs or making over your entire website, we hope the above examples give you the inspiration you need to test out fresh and creative website CTAs.

Happy optimizing!

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