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6 Unique Product Detail Page Ideas for Luggage Brands

With the travel and tourism industry making a full recovery to pre-COVID-19 levels, shoppers are in the market for new luggage as they plan future trips and vacations. In fact, the luggage industry is expected to grow annually by 5.07% between 2023 and 2026— that’s a lot of carry-ons, duffels, and rollerboards! 

With these high levels of growth in the travel space, luggage brands must invest in their website experiences to snag their share of the expanding market. One place in particular luggage brand marketers should focus is on their product detail pages (PDP). When purchasing luggage, consumers expect PDPs that lay out specific product details like price, color, and features like TSA-approved locks or 360-degree wheels. But, luggage brands shouldn’t stop there—rather they should consider including unique elements on their PDPs to set themselves apart from other brands.

To get the website inspiration flowing, we’ve compiled six unique PDP ideas from leading luggage brands that break out from the norm. Keep reading to check out examples from Calpak, Rimowa, Away, Monos, Tumi, and Loljel, and say “bon voyage” to boring PDPs!

Calpak: Sale Price in CTA

Are you running a sale or promotion on your luggage website? If so, consider following in Calpak’s footsteps by listing the sale price of a given item alongside the original price in your PDP Call to Action (CTA).

In doing so, you can entice shoppers who are on the fence about a given product to tap the “Add to Bag” button and alert them of the deal they’re about to score.

Calpak Sale Price in CTA

Rimowa: Expected Delivery Window

There is no shortage of last-minute things to do before a vacation— notifying credit card companies of travel plans, clearing perishable items out of the fridge, buying a new suitcase—the list goes on! To alleviate the stress of grabbing a new suitcase before a major trip, consider listing your expected delivery dates on your PDP.

Rimowa includes the expected shipment times as well as physical locations where shoppers can pick up the luggage they’re interested in same day of purchase.

Rimowa Expected Delivery Window

Away: Luggage Set Upsell

Looking to increase your average order value (AOV)? One clever way to do this is by offering shoppers a discount on a second, matching piece of luggage.

In the example below, Away motivates customers to pair their purchase with a matching item and offers a secondary CTA button that features the total price for the matching set.

Away: Luggage Set Upsell

Monos: Guarantees Galore

If your brand offers a warranty, trial period, free shipping, or all three—consider featuring these prominently on your luggage website PDPs.

Monos touts its compelling guarantees on its  PDPs. In doing so they are able to cater to shoppers who may have doubts about the quality of the brand’s items or other hang-ups associated with buying.

Monos: Guarantees Galore

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Tumi: Aggregated Reviews and Unique Metrics

With the overwhelming majority of shoppers relying on reviews when researching brands they are unfamiliar with, it’s clear that reviews are critical to any ecommerce brand’s success. When collecting reviews, consider using software that allows you to slice and dice your reviews based on common customer concerns.

In addition to showing a star rating, Tumi shows shoppers how durable, lightweight, and stylish customers find a given item.

Tumi: Aggregated Reviews and Unique Metrics

Loljel: Comprehensive Size Chart

There’s no worse feeling than getting through security just to find that your suitcase is too big to carry on. That’s why when purchasing luggage it’s critical that shoppers know the exact size of the suitcase they’re interested in buying.

On Loljel’s PDP for the Cubo suitcase, the brand offers a comprehensive size chart that shows the exact specs of each of the suitcases in the set. Not only does this enable shoppers to make a more informed buying decision but may also reduce returns down the line, preserving AOV  in the long run.

Loljel: Comprehensive Size Chart

We hope these six PDP ideas give you the inspiration you need to convert more in the expanding travel and tourism market.

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