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Ecommerce Beauty Homepage Ideas from Real Brands

In 2020, beauty ecommerce accounted for 7.4% of total ecommerce sales, and continues to rise at a 4.75% annual rate globally! With the beauty space expanding rapidly, it’s critical to think about how to make a great first impression on prospective buyers to claim your piece of the growing market. Because your homepage is often consumers’ first look at your brand and products it’s integral to get creative with the content, images, and information you provide at a first glance. With an effective and engaging homepage  your site visitors will get a first impression of both your products and your mission through your brand identity right away. 

Keep reading to check out which leading  beauty brands have mastered the art of unique, creative, and engaging homepages that drive conversions

The Body Shop 

The Body Shop uses their positive review as an eye-catching headline alongside an equally eye-catching image plus a call to action (CTA) to shop the specific skincare product. Visitors interested in learning more about the featured product can easily click to shop. 


Skincare brand, Elemis, uses their homepage to give visitors a first look at a range of their products. The brand also allows visitors to learn more about Elemis’ products through a quick and informative blurb. 

Fenty Beauty 

Fenty Beauty takes  the opportunity to play off of National Lipstick Day with a sale offer. Customers are able to learn about a fun holiday, shop Fenty's products, and save! Fenty also includes a variety of images with different focal points, including both lip-related beauty and skincare.


Kiehl’s leverages vibrant and energetic graphic design to enhance their website at first glance. With their signature products and eye-popping images, visitors are enticed  to click and learn more—while snagging a sale! 


Ouai, a brand specializing in haircare, presents a slideshow on their homepage, alternating between the images below. This gives visitors a chance to see a broad range of products and find their personal perfect match. This also gives Ouai the opportunity to appeal to various audiences through haircare and body products. 

Bare Minerals 

Bare Minerals highlights their mission by showcasing close-up photos of models aligning with their brand’s focus on skin. Using  simple but bold images allow visitors to focus on and think about the mission and identity of the brand, while appealing to both makeup and skincare lovers. 


Hair care brand, JVN, presents customers with a before and after photo to highlight the effectiveness of their products. By doing so, JVN is able to tout their customers’ positive experiences with their products and present visitors with an engaging homepage experience. The use of a before and after photo also allows the brand to promote the authenticity and effectiveness of their products. 


Evolvh hair care presents visitors with a chance to engage with a quiz, allowing customers to identify products that match and align with their personal preferences. By incorporating a quiz right off the bat, Evolvh is able to connect with visitors and snag some zero-party data.


Luxury cosmetics brand, Aesop, juxtaposes vibrant product images against a black and white background. This artistic approach effectively conveys Aesop’s brand identity. 

Coola Beauty 

Coola Beauty plays off  the summer season by putting their seasonal products on their homepage. With a myriad of suncare and skincare products on display, customers can start browsing the brand’s product offerings directly from their homepage. 


Beauty brand, Caudalíe, gives visitors a chance to browse through a variety of products recommended for them, ranging from singular products to skincare sets. By using the second person, Caudalíe creates an immediately engaging connection with visitors.  


Cosmetics brand, Clarins, showcases their expertise in their bold homepage headline. In doing so, they convey to visitors that Clarins is a trustworthy brand.

We hope these homepage examples spark your creativity and inspire you to add some sparkle and pizzaz to your beauty brand’s website!

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