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5 Social Proof-driven Copy Examples for B2B Websites

Social proof like case studies, customer quotes, video testimonials, and awards are  key elements to a high-converting B2B website. In fact, they’re so integral to a strong B2B marketing program that they should also serve as a library for you to pull compelling website copy from. That’s right, social proof shouldn’t be limited to your customers or case study pages—it should be all over your site!

You should consider infusing your headline and subheadlines with stats, quotes, and other data-driven details from your archive of social proof. To illustrate this website experiment recommendation, we’ve compiled five examples from real B2B brands of social proof-driven copy built to convert. Keep reading to see how Intercom, Zendesk, Brex, ServiceTitan, and dmarcian, leverage social proof-driven language to engage website visitors.


Headline: Trusted by 25k+ business

Consider touting the number of customers you have in a headline to show-off your company's reach.  In the example below, messaging software company, Intercom, lets website visitors know that its product is trusted by “25K+ businesses before introducing notable customer logos.” 

By stating their amount of customers, Intercom builds credibility with site visitors. With that many customers, prospective buyers can safely bet that Intercom is the real deal.

Social Proof-driven Copy Examples


Headline: #1 in Digital Customer Service use case by Gartner

Awards can be a huge vote of confidence in your product or services.  In the example below, customer support software company, Zendesk, lets site visitors know that the brand has been recognized by Gartner in a big way. 

Consider leveraging accolades like this in a homepage headline to show visitors you have an award-winning product or service.

Social Proof-driven Copy Examples


Subheadline: 91% Of the latest Y Combinator batch chose Brex

Fintech company, Brex, flaunts that Y Combinator graduates prefer its product over its competitors’. By name-dropping, Y Combinator, a prestigious start-up accelerator, Brex speaks directly to its target audience of startups and illustrates a fear of missing out message that resonates.

Social Proof-driven Copy Examples


Subheadline: Before you choose your contracting software, learn why more than 100,000 service professionals trust ServiceTitan.

Like Intercom, field service management company, ServiceTitan, shows off the sheer mass of people that use the brand’s product. Unlike Intercom, ServiceTitan places this information in a subheadline rather than a headline. 

If you’re still toying with the idea of featuring social proof-driven language but are unsure if it’s a fit for your brand, a subheadline is a great place to run your first test.


Headline: Trusted by more than 50,000 domain owners worldwide

Email compliance company, dmarcian, includes the number of users the company has in a homepage headline. But, they do it a little differently. 

Rather than just sharing the number of customers, the brand makes it more specific: 50,000 domain owners trust dmarcian. This shows site visitors that the brand knows who its users are and understands its users needs.

We hope these five examples give you the inspiration you need to start experimenting with social proof-driven headlines and subheadlines on your B2B website.

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