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5 Social Proof Strategies for Consumer Electronics Websites

From cutting-edge smartphones to disco fridges, the world of consumer electronics is growing rapidly, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, the global consumer electronics market is set to rake in $602.52 billion this year—over 11% more than in 2022!

Since many consumer electronics cost a pretty penny, it’s no surprise that shoppers rely heavily on social proof when making buying decisions. 93.4% of shoppers count on customer reviews when researching ecommerce brands they’re unfamiliar with. With remarkable stats like these typifying the ecommerce industry, it’s important to solidify your social proof strategy for your consumer electronics website.

Social proof strategies like customer reviews, before and after photos, user-generated content (UGC), awards and certifications, and celebrity endorsements are core building blocks of an effective consumer electronics website. Keep reading to see examples of each of these five social proof methods employed by real consumer electronics brands.

Therabody: Customer Reviews

With over half of shoppers reading at least four product reviews before making a purchase, it’s key to gather and prominently feature reviews from happy customers on your website.Wellness technology company, Therabody, includes three reviews towards the top of each of its product detail pages (PDP). When visitors tap the “See All Reviews” button, they are brought to the bottom of the PDP where over 200 reviews are on display. Since shoppers want at least 112 reviews per product, Therabody’s choice to show their numerous reviews directly on each PDP is the right one.

therabody customer reviews

Samsung: Before and After Photos

If your brand sells aesthetically pleasing consumer electronics intended to replace older or unsightly products, consider leveraging before and after photos on your site.In the below example, Samsung shows what colors look like on The Frame versus a conventional television. This quick yet effective video is enough to give prospective buyers FOMO about The Frame’s capabilities, something that moves them towards conversion.

Samsung before and after

Furbo: User-generated Content (UGC)

If you’re finding it tough to convey the power of your products through words alone, consider investing in a comprehensive UGC strategy to gather compelling imagery from real users.In the example below, Furbo features precious pup moments caught using the brand’s popular dog camera. These adorable videos of real dogs in real homes, paired with accompanying quotes from dog owners are a compelling use of UGC that other consumer electronics brands can emulate.

furbo UGC

Oura: Awards and Certifications

Unless you’re selling a cutting board with a built-in screen or an electronic eyebrow printer, you likely have a competitor or two. One way to set yourself apart in a crowded market is by showing off the awards your brand has earned.

Oura, a fitness tracker company that competes against giants like Apple and Google, touts the accolades they’ve accrued on their site. Although the brand may not yet have the same brand recognition as others in the market, many of the organizations that have honored Oura are household names! If your consumer electronics brand has won awards recently, follow Oura’s lead and feature the good news on your site to attract new customers.

Oura Awards

Bose: Celebrity Endorsements

From Post Malone’s partnership with Crocs to McDonald’s Travis Scott Meal, there’s no doubt about it—celebrity endorsements are a popular form of social proof. Consider collaborating with a celebrity that’s popular with your audience or pairs well with your product offering. Bose does both at once with their celebrity endorsement from musician, Normani. Because of her star power and her obvious connection to using Bose products, Normani’s endorsement is a great vote of confidence for the headphone and speaker brand.

Bose Celebrity Endorsement

We hope these five examples from leading consumer electronics brands give you the inspiration you need to start adding more social proof to your website.

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