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C-R-Oprah's Favorite Things 2022

The year is 2004. You’re relaxing on your couch, watching your favorite afternoon talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Although the episode starts as you expect, the show begins to crescendo—Oprah begins giving the live audience members her “favorite things.” The people in the crowd cheer and hop up and down as she gives away great books, candles, and kitchen appliances. Then, with her unparalleled charisma, and an impeccable red power suit to match, Oprah says those infamous words:

“You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!”

The audience erupts into Oprah-induced hysteria. You sit on the edge of the couch to take in the unbelievable holiday joy booming from your TV screen.

Cut to today—you’re a CRO Geek looking to relive the emotions Oprah’s lucky audience members experienced on that fateful day. Well, looks like you’re in luck! 

With the holidays just around the corner, we’re counting down C-R-Oprah’s favorite things (see what we did there) aka our favorite Intellimize content from 2022! While we’re not handing over keys to a brand-new sports car, the below eBooks, videos, infographics, and blog posts will give you the horsepower you need to zoom into 2023 with fresh CRO inspiration.

But wait there’s more! Schedule and attend a demo with our team and we'll send you a gift from Oprah's 2022 favorite things list! You can book the demo here.

Keep reading to check out our top content from 2022.

Why Maslow's Law Helps You Write Great Headlines That Convert

This blog post is written by Tracy Sestili, Intellimize’s VP of Marketing, who just happened to attend one of Oprah’s iconic favorite things episodes. That’s her above in the red shirt! In this post, Tracy covers actionable tips for writing unforgettable website headlines. She uses Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a foundation to discuss how marketers can think about their headline strategies. This post is so great, that you’ll cheer as loud as Tracy did when Oprah gave her a boat!

3 Controversial Questions You Should Ask About Your Website

Depending on the scope of your testing program, the answer to some of the questions in this blog post may make you a little uncomfortable! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and audit your CRO program with this blog post.

The Future of the Subscription Economy

We teamed up with WBR Insights and eTail on a report to better understand where the subscription economy is headed and compiled the high-level findings into this nifty infographic! This thing is full of so many insights about the future of ecommerce and subscription-based offerings, you’ll be jumping for joy! 

Making Intellimize a Great Place to Work

What would this list be without a little shameless self-promotion? That’s right, one of our favorite blogs from this year is our post on how we were named one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces 2022! This post also covers our employee summit in San Diego earlier this year, where we were able to get to know one another, strategize, and take in the California sun.

Coffee & Conversions: Jeremy Epperson, Chief Growth Officer, Conversion Guides

Don’t worry, “Were you silent? Or were you silenced?” is not one of the questions Intellimize CEO, Guy Yalif, asks Jeremy Epperson, in episode 11 of our video series, Coffee and Conversions. Instead, Guy and Jeremy discuss how to create effective website test hypotheses. Check out the episode now!

What Love is Blind Can Teach Marketers About Effective CRO

Do you love curling up on the couch with a glass of rosé to watch reality dating shows? If so, we’ve got the perfect blog for you! In this post, we chat about how Netflix’s runaway hit Love is Blind can help inform your CRO strategy. Join us for this strange ride through digital marketing, CRO, and of course guilty-pleasure television.

It’s Time to Break Up With Landing Pages

You thought your relationship with landing pages would just be a fling until your engineers got around to updating your base website for you…but now it’s been a while and you deserve better! In this post, we share a little tough love and explain why landing pages aren’t an effective solution to your website personalization problem.

9 B2B Website Testing Strategies That Work

This guide features proven CRO tips from real B2B companies like Drift and Bonusly. It’s our way of saying “You get more conversions! You get more conversions!”. If you’re interested in refreshing your B2B experimentation strategy, with proven examples from major players shaping the industry, download this eBook now!

We hope this list of C-R-Oprah’s favorite things gives you the inspiration you need to make strong and impactful CRO decisions in the new year.  

We want to help you convert more in 2023. Book and attend a call with our team and we'll send you a gift from Oprah's 2022 favorite things list! 

Happy holidays!

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