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How to Drive Revenue with a Reduced Budget in 2024

If there’s one phrase that’s characterized 2023 for B2B marketers it’s “do more with less”. And unfortunately, we can only expect to hear this expression more and more in the coming year. Between ongoing financial uncertainty, changes in the venture capital sphere, and other economic challenges many B2B business leaders have even added a new, worrying phrase to the mix— “survive till 2025”.

Fortunately, amidst the doom and gloom of this financial limbo, there is a bright light—Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the past year, AI has become an essential tool for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts without increasing headcount. 

To help you creatively think outside the box, we’ve put together three ways you can “do more with less” by leveraging AI on your website, a core marketing property that's safe regardless of budgetary constraints.

Keep reading to learn how to leverage AI to keep revenue flowing from your website during uncertain times.

AI Optimization

Amongst the countless AI use cases for B2B marketers, one stands out—website optimization. Marketing teams that leverage AI optimization can create high-converting websites while avoiding the tedious and manual labor associated with traditional website testing.

Using AI optimization, marketers can test hundreds of website combinations without needing to outsource web development. This is achievable by letting AI decide which versions to show at any given time. These time savings can enable your team to focus on strategic decisions and creative projects that can’t be executed by AI. We all know “time is money”, so if your team is using AI to get more done in a day, you’ve just saved some of your dwindling budget. Ka-ching!

If you’re interested in learning more about how AI optimization can save you time, check out our eBook: How AI Optimization Drives Conversions for Marketers.

AI for ABM

70% of marketers have an account based marketing (ABM) program in place. If you’re part of this overwhelming majority then you know that despite its popularity, ABM remains a huge challenge to execute. From outdated reporting tools to the time-consuming task of creating customized landing pages, there are numerous obstacles B2B marketers need to overcome.

That’s where AI comes in.

Using AI-driven ABM tools, your team can create personalized website experiences for your target accounts with minimal effort. Business spend management company, Coupa, knows this better than most. Using AI, their team was able to develop 28 separate experiences with industry-specific variations of the headline, subheadline, logos, images, and more on their homepage. They were even able to show multiple copy and image options within each vertical, enabling them to continue experimenting within their ABM program. This resulted in 590K versions of their homepage running at the same time, something that is only manageable with an AI-optimized solution.

Want the playbook for Coupa’s ABM success? Check out our guide Fill in the Blanks of your ABM Program.

Generative AI

When it comes to your website you never know what headline, product descriptions, or button text will resonate most with your visitors until you run an experiment. Rather than working on writing the “perfect” copy only to find that it doesn’t perform, consider automating your copywriting process with generative AI tools like ChatGPT or our own AI Content Studio.

Using AI you’ll be able to come up with more copy ideas faster, and use them to create more variations of your base website, ABM landing pages, and more! These time savings will allow your content writers to focus on longer-form projects like blogs and eBooks, that take true industry expertise and know-how.

We hope these three ideas give you the inspiration and confidence you need to lean on AI to drive revenue through your website in 2024—your budget will thank you!

How AI Optimization Drives Conversions for Marketers