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Running an AI-powered ABX Program with Intellimize

Account based marketing (ABM) is no longer a buzzword. It is a cross-functional effort that most B2B marketing teams are implementing in some shape or form as part of their larger demand generation strategy. And yet, executing these programs and proving out their success has notoriously been a challenge. 

So why are marketers so focused on implementing these programs given these issues? Because it’s what modern B2B buyers want. According to Demand Gen Report, 63% of B2B marketers expect easy access to relevant content that speaks directly to their company when visiting a solution provider's website. And, according to a recent Salesforce report, 78% of B2B buyers expect companies to adapt their experiences to their changing needs and preferences. And, 85% stated that customer experiences (CX) should be better given all the data that they know today’s companies collect on them. 

So how can marketers execute these personalized experiences with less effort, while showing impact to the bottom line?

Intellimize is uniquely positioned to help marketers run an effective and high-converting account based experience (ABX) program. Whether you are new to ABM or working to scale your existing program, Intellimize now enables marketers to leverage their websites as a key element of their ABM program using AI to easily scale creative and relevant experiences. 

Keep reading for a full overview of how Intellimize enables B2B marketers to seamlessly orchestrate personalized experiences across every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey.

Powerful Integrations

Intellimize integrates with your tech stack—full stop. Use all of your first and third-party data to create personalized, high-converting digital experiences. Some integration examples include:

ABM Platform

Connect  Demandbase, 6sense, and Rollworks—industry leaders shaping the future of ABX with Intellimize. No matter which ABM orchestration tool your team leverages, you can unlock your account data for precise targeting and personalized content.

CRM and Marketing Automation

Pull in your Salesforce or  Marketo data to personalize based on any account or contact data, including deal stage, job title, score, and more.  


With our Google Ads integration, you can customize pages to match corresponding keywords, ad groups, or ad campaigns.


Using our AI-powered Enhanced Match you can target anonymous traffic and personalize your website for each visitor. Uncover which accounts and contacts are on your website and what experiences they are engaging with. 

With third-party cookies disappearing at the end of 2024, now is the time to identify a solution that will allow you to continue ABM seamlessly in a cookieless world.

Dynamic Content

Add dynamic copy to achieve personalization at scale. Use variables like company name, first name, industry, and more to engage with and impress your key accounts and contacts.

Landing Page Builder

Creating account-specific landing pages just got easier. With Intellimize landing pages you can create rich 1:1 experiences in minutes. Use an existing page of your website to serve as the template for your new landing page, and use the Visual Editor to make your desired changes. You can customize landing page URLs to match company, industry, job function, persona, and more.  

AI Optimize

Landing pages are a key part of your ABM strategy. But what about your base website? Ensure your messaging is resonating with the accounts that matter most with the help of AI.  You can dynamically change page content to each audience beyond just their industry or persona. Paired with dynamic content, there is no excuse to not provide accounts with a custom experience across your website.

Visual Editor

There is no need to code or work with a development agency to build and launch your ABM program. Our Visual Editor enables you to make changes to your website as soon as inspiration hits. With our codeless "WYSIWYG" interface you can make adjustments to your site and preview changes instantly.  From there you can save the changes as new variations, which can go live as soon as you’re ready to launch.

Sales Tools

Empower your sales team with AI Landing Pages that they can create themselves and then send seamlessly through the outbound communication tool of their choice. With our robust reporting capabilities, you and your sales team can see which accounts visited your site, giving you the insight to personalize even further.

As you solidify your 2024 marketing plans, it’s time to think critically about what kinds of capabilities you need to hit your ABM goals. Our AI-driven technology, innovative features, and powerful integrations will help you fill in the blanks of your ABX program in the new year and beyond. Request a demo to see how leading brands like Coupa and Drift are already leveraging Intellimize to create world-class ABX programs that convert.

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