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Infographic: Website Trends and Tips for the Beauty Industry

Although ecommerce beauty sales are on the rise, merely being in an industry experiencing an upswing doesn’t guarantee customers. To stay competitive in the expanding beauty market, brands must implement new, innovative ways to win consumers. One thing they should experiment with? Their websites!

To help you identify opportunities for experimentation on your beauty brand’s site, we’ve compiled some website tips and trends backed by real data.

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Website Trends and Tips for the Beauty Industry

With ecommerce beauty sales expected to reach $358.4 billion by 2026, it’s clear that the beauty industry is undergoing a digital glow-up. 

As consumers continue to buy more beauty products online, brands must take a closer look at how they can improve their website experiences to win more shoppers in the expanding market. That’s why we’ve compiled five stats on the state of the beauty industry with corresponding website tips for you to try out.

Keep reading to get a deeper understanding of the digital trends shaping the world of beauty and how you can change your website accordingly.

65% of beauty retailers offer interactive quizzes to assist customers in selecting the right products (source)

💡Join the majority of beauty brands and add a product recommendation quiz to your website. A quiz can help guide shoppers toward the product that is right for them, eliminating the paradox of choice while you collect valuable zero-party data about your visitors.

67% of beauty consumers look to influencers to find new products (source)

💡Consider partnering with influencers to create website content that entices their existing followers.

71% of consumers expect personalized content and interactions when shopping for beauty products (source)

💡Invest in website personalization technology like Intellimize that will allow you to create 1:1 personalized experiences at scale.

62% of shoppers prefer beauty brands that feature user-generated content (UGC) on their websites (source)

💡Make an active effort to collect more UGC to feature on your brand’s site. Experiment with where and how you leverage UGC on your website to increase conversions.

82% of beauty consumers check Instagram at least once per day. (source)

💡Experiment with “Instagram-worthy” imagery on your brand’s site to capture the attention of consumers that use Instagram regularly.

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