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The 3 Best Consumer Electronics Homepages of the 2023 Holiday Season

According to TechInsights, the consumer electronics industry is slated to rake in over one trillion dollars in 2024! With large numbers like that characterizing the future of the consumer electronics industry, marketers within the space must spend time strategizing exactly how they’ll snag significant market share for their brand.

Although there are countless ways for consumer electronics brands to grow their businesses, one important tactic is building an engaging and high-converting website homepage. To illustrate this recommendation, we’ve compiled three consumer electronics homepages from the 2023 holiday season.

These holiday homepages from leading consumer electronics brands represent the best of the best when it comes to ecommerce websites from November and December of 2023. Keep reading to see how Samsung, Dyson, and Dell used innovative strategies and creative choices to build great 2023 holiday homepages.

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During the 2023 gifting season, consumer electronics giant, Samsung, used an energetic photo paired with winter-themed copy to inform visitors of the brand's seasonal sale. Rather than selecting a photo featuring one of their marquee products, Samsung chose a photo of a mother and child hanging Christmas lights—an activity that doesn’t involve any major Samsung devices. Through this photo choice, the brand welcomes visitors to its site by leading with the joy and energy of the season.

Because the image doesn’t feature Samsung’s consumer electronics, the brand relies on its headline, subheadline, and circular graphic to inform visitors about the brand’s winter sale. By juxtaposing holiday sale copy, against a sweet family photo, the brand encourages visitors to make a purchase without making the site feel like a cash grab.

Samsung Holiday Homepage


Although Dyson sells a wide variety of consumer electronics, the brand devoted its holiday homepage real estate to its super-viral Dyson Airwrap. Even though the device is no doubt one of Dyson’s top holiday sellers, the brand uses its homepage copy to let visitors know that it’s still a unique gift. From limited edition colorways to options for different hair types, it’s clear that the Dyson Airwrap is an extremely popular yet highly customizable gift.

Dyson Holiday Homepage


Dell took a straightforward approach to promoting its 2023 Cyber Monday sale. With a simple headline and subheadline, it’s hard for visitors to miss the brand’s exciting holiday deals. Although the photo on the right side of the screen doesn’t depict a holiday scene, pairing a happy Dell laptop user with an adorable pup helps to elicit the warmth and comfort of the holiday season.

We hope these three holiday homepages from Samsung, Dyson, and Dell give you the inspiration you need to infuse your consumer electronics website with engaging imagery and copy in 2024 and beyond.

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