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The 64 Best Holiday Homepages of 2023

Happy New Year—especially to ecommerce marketers, a group that undoubtedly spent the last few months of 2023 stressing about hitting holiday season goals. With Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) done and dusted, we’ve put together a list of the best holiday homepages of 2023! From enticing deals to innovative designs, these homepages represent the best-of-the-best holiday homepages from last year.

Rather than ranking them, we’ve split out the homepages by website trends from the 2023 holiday season. The trends are:

  • Bold Photography and Video
  • Bright Colors and Maximalism
  • Gift Guides
  • Neutral Colors and Minimalism
  • Product Spotlight
  • Promotions and Deals
  • Whimsy

Grab your hot cocoa, and keep scrolling to check out the 64 best holiday homepages of 2023!

Bold Photography and Video

Take a look at how leading ecommerce companies leverage bold photography and video to welcome visitors during the 2023 holiday season.


Eco-friendly shoe brand, Allbirds, layers an energetic photo of a model over images of plants. This juxtaposition of photos helps to show off the brand’s new styles alongside its commitment to sustainability.


Menswear brand, Bonobos, welcomes site visitors with an image of a model enjoying a glass of whiskey in a velvet suit. The dark color palette paired with rich textures elicits the warmth of a holiday season spent by the fireplace.

Louis Vuitton

Known for its luxury goods, Louis Vuitton uses a dynamic video of what appears to be the brand’s holiday workshop to convey the care that goes into creating the brand’s products.

Miu Miu

High fashion clothing and accessory brand, Miu Miu, pairs an image of its goods strewn about with a small holiday headline and an even tinier CTA.

The North Face

The photograph on The North Face’s holiday homepage shows a man and woman sitting comfortably in freezing temperatures—a clear sign that their North Face hats and beanies are keeping them warm.


Outdoor performance wear brand, Patagonia, uses a blurry photo as the backdrop for its holiday headline, subheadline, and calls to action (CTA).


Salomon positions the words “Cyber Week” so it looks like the runners in the brand’s hero photo are running right past the phrase. This playful copy placement reiterates that Salomon’s customers are active and on the go.


Consumer electronics giant, Samsung, uses a photo of a mother and child putting up Christmas lights to set the stage for the brand’s winter sale.


Fragance brand, Vyrao features a video of one of the brand’s products lit on fire to create a dramatic introduction to its holiday offerings.

Bright Colors and Maximalism

Discover how top ecommerce brands use bright colors and maximalism to convert more holiday shoppers.


Biotechnology company, 23andMe, uses the signature magenta from its logo to make the brand’s holiday homepage pop!


Haircare brand, Amika, places a handful of its products in front of a warm gradient background. Paired with matching flora and fauna, the orange color brings a tropical glow to Amika’s homepage.

Bubble Skincare

With indigo and orange tones, Bubble Skincare uses its products to inform the brand’s bold background color choice for its 2023 holiday homepage. 

Looking for even more seasonal website inspiration from beauty brands? Check out our blog: 5 Holiday Homepage Examples for Beauty Brands.

L’or de Seraphine

Candle brand, L’or de Seraphine, juxtaposes product imagery against a busy plaid background, grabbing visitors' attention and proving that more is more


Lush’s frenetic product imagery creates a maximalist wonderland for online shoppers to learn about the brand’s holiday products.

Super Smalls

Kids jewelry brand, Super Smalls, uses deeply saturated shades of mustard yellow, bright red, and forest green to create a whimsical holiday homepage.


Viral skincare brand, Supergoop, juxtaposes teal and sky blue against the brand’s signature yellow for a maximalist holiday homepage.

Gift Guides

Here’s how top ecommerce brands leverage gift guides to convert more during the holiday season.


Outdoor apparel brand, Alder, creates a whimsical pattern with its products to give visitors a sneak peak of what to expect from the brand’s gift shop.


Eco-friendly cleaning product brand, Blueland, welcomes holiday shoppers with an invitation to browse the brand’s holiday shop. Blueland’s subheadline appeals to sustainability-minded shoppers interested in gifting something that aligns with their values.


Outdoor apparel brand, Halfdays, uses the left side of its homepage hero to introduce the brand’s holiday shop. The right side of the page features a model donning no less than six of the brand's Piper Fleeces, allowing shoppers to see the wide range of colors the garment comes in.


Rather than showcasing its signature cowboy boots on its homepage, Lucchese uses its homepage to show an idyllic place for customers to celebrate the 2023 holiday season. Paired with a bold “Holiday Gift Guide” headline featuring two different fonts, Lucchese puts holiday cheer front and center.


Paired with images of models in velvet holiday frocks, ModCloth uses seasonal language to promote its gift shop. Unlike other brands, ModCloth calls it a “Winter Look Book”, elevating its gift shop from run-of-the-mill to fashion-forward.


Women’s apparel brand, Spanx’s, adjective-heavy headline and subheadline encourage visitors to shop for coveted, flattering, and touchable garments.


Skincare brand, Topicals, uses “FOMO” to encourage visitors to shop its holiday products. With “limited edition” items lining the shelves of the Topicals’ digital gift shop, visitors will need to act fast to get the products they want before it’s too late.

Youth To The People

With its bright red headline skincare brand, Youth To The People, encourages visitors to buy loved ones “essentials,” ensuring that those who receive the gifts will actually use the items.

Neutral Colors and Minimalism

Here’s how top ecommerce brands use neutral colors and minimalism on their websites during the holiday season.


Luxury cosmetics brand, Aesop, uses muted shades of tan, ivory, and taupe to welcome visitors to the holiday shopping season while remaining on-brand.


Who said you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Certainly not apparel brand, Aje, which uses a white flowy top as inspiration for the rest of its holiday homepage’s look and feel.


Although Arc’teryx sells outdoor performance wear in a wide variety of colors, the brand features one of its more neutral garments as the backdrop for its holiday homepage. Paired with white blocky snowflakes, the brand’s homepage is an understated winter wonderland.


With Buffy’s calming photography and neutral background color, visitors won’t miss the brand’s Cyber Monday announcement.

DIFF Eyewear

Sunglasses brand, DIFF Eyewear, uses neutral colors and product photography so as to not distract from the brand’s primary “50% Off” message.


Using a hero image that intentionally doesn’t bleed on either side of the window and tons of white space, Gucci builds a minimalist holiday experience.


Athleisure brand, Lululemon, uses metallic balloons to bring neutral pops of color to its holiday homepage.


The muted color palette used on Lunya’s homepage, allows visitors to focus on the the quality and texture of the brand’s knitted garments.


For apparel brand, Madhappy, less is definitely more during the holiday season. The brand’s homepage which features a single scarf lets shoppers know Madhappy has seasonal products without going overboard.


Luxury vehicle brand, Mercedes, executes a dramatic holiday homepage by featuring black cars against a black background.


Shoewear brand, Ugg, showcases its ultra-popular Classic Short II Boot on a pedestal. With a muted warm background, it’s not hard to imagine that the iconic shoe is on display at a museum.

Product Spotlight

Here’s how popular ecommerce brands highlight specific products to convert more customers.


From journals to stationery, Artisaire sells paper products of all sorts. However, for the holiday season, the brand chooses to focus solely on greeting cards—no doubt a top seller during the winter months.


Although Dyson sells a wide variety of consumer electronics, the brand devotes its homepage real estate to its super-viral Dyson Airwrap. Even though the device costs a pretty penny, Santa’s elves can’t seem to make enough of them.


KitchenAid uses its iconic stand mixer as the focal point of its holiday homepage. Although they sell tons of other kitchen products, the KitchenAid Stand Mixer is by far the brand’s most recognizable product.


Streetwear brand, Kith, puts its seasonal Hanukkah line of products front and center on its holiday homepage.

Le Creuset

Known for its ceramic cookware, Le Creuset features its quintessential product—the round Dutch oven on its holiday homepage. Bolding the words “The One” in its homepage headline, Le Creuset reiterates why it has chosen to show just a single item, during a high-traffic time of the year.


Puzzlebrand, Piecework, touts its adorable Holiday Cookie Tin puzzles on its homepage to ring in the holiday cheer.


Cycling apparel brand, Rapha, shows off a single shoe—not even a pair, on its 2023 holiday homepage.


Ridge places a smattering of its goods and products on its homepage to convey the wide variety of rugged items the brand sells.


Using its own trademarked term, beauty brand Saie uses its headline to let visitors know that it’s their products that give the winter holidays their sparkle.


Studs encourages visitors to spread “Ch(ear)”— a whimsical pun that reiterates the products that the brand sells earrings.

Promotions and Deals

How did ecommerce brands celebrate BFCM? Check out the below examples to find out.

32 Degrees

With gifts starting at $3.99, it’s no surprise that 32 Degrees puts its holiday deals front and center.


Shoe brand, Adidas, uses an eye-catching headline to communicate to customers that they can score big savings. The “No Code Needed” subheadline, also helps to answer visitors’ questions about the sale before they even get started with shopping.

Backfire Skateboards

Backfire Skateboards keeps its holiday homepage nice and simple—with a sale offering up to $500 off, who needs frills?


Playing off the 12 days of Christmas, exercise accessory company, Bala, offers visitors 12 surprise deals. By revealing just one deal at a time, the brand encourages visitors to return to the site day after day.


Cosmetics brand, Benefit, wishes visitors a happy “hauliday” by offering 50% off cheek powders with a matching discount code.


Workwear brand, Carhartt, showcases three different deals on its homepage. Paired with a message about free shipping and a countdown clock communicating how long shoppers have to order products to get them in time for Christmas, Carhartt creates an enticing holiday homepage.


Dell keeps it straight and to the point— the brand's biggest sale of the year is on! Paired with an adorable pup, this homepage is simple yet effective in communicating Dell’s holiday offer.

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty uses its homepage headline to let visitors know about the brand's various deals; 20% off and a free gift on larger orders help entice casual shoppers to spend.

Frank And Oak

With bold white text against a stark black background, there’s no missing Frank And Oak’s Cyber Week deal.


Water Bottle brand, Hydroflask, uses its homepage headline to build FOMO, letting visitors know they only have one more day to shop bestsellers at a heavy discount.


Who says you can’t buy a bathing suit in the dead of winter? Definitely not swimwear brand, Inamorata. The brand juxtaposes a Black Friday headline against a photo of a model enjoying a summer day.


“Tis the season to save” according to suit brand, Indochino. Using a simple headline and a matching discount code Indochino tells visitors how much they can expect to save with the brand this holiday season.


Coffee appliance brand, Keurig, keeps it short and sweet and leads with its 20% off sitewide sale. 


Watch brand, MVMT, features three different deals on its homepage, communicating that the more a visitor spends the more they can save!


Clothing brand, RicherPoorer, uses a simple blue banner to communicate the brand’s exciting holiday deals.

Thousand Fell

Sustainable shoe brand, Thousand Fell, features two important stats on its holiday homepage— 25% off and 100% recyclable. Combined, these numbers help to show visitors that when it comes to holiday gifting, shopping with Thousand Fell makes sense from a financial and values-based perspective.


Check out how these brands take a whimsical approach to their holiday homepages.

Marine Layer

Sustainable apparel brand, Marine Layer, overlays white, pink, red, and orange polka dots over an already-colorful photo to create a playful holiday homepage.


According to Trek’s homepage, Santa has traded in his sled for one of the brand’s bikes. This eye-catching and funny photo communicates the brand’s energetic point of view.

Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins’ holiday hero image shows a gift that’s to “my bones and joints” from “me” a tongue-in-cheek way to communicate to customers that they should feel empowered to shop for themselves this holiday season.

We hope these 64 amazing holiday homepages give you the inspiration you need to crush your website goals in 2024.

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