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How To Incorporate Motivational Language Into Your Website

You can do it! Shoot for the stars! Break a leg! Boots the house down mama!

Encouraging phrases like these can give us the motivation we need to do a great job on an upcoming project, presentation, or even a performance. Let’s face it, it’s nice to hear others support us with positive, motivational language when we’re taking on a new challenge.

While we usually tend to hear positive affirmations like these from mentors, family, or even ourselves first thing in the morning, motivational language has become integral to many brands’ websites. In this blog post, we’ll explore how six different brands, both ecommerce and B2B,  employ motivational language across their sites to convert more customers. 

Keep reading to learn how to incorporate motivational language into your site—we know you can do it! 

Motivational Language Ecommerce Examples

Learn how ecommerce brands like Glossier, Outdoor Voices, and Sculp’d use motivational language to engage site visitors and fill up those carts.

Glossier: Motivational Pop-up

We all know the feeling of deciding whether an item we’re evaluating is a want vs. a need and worth the splurge. In fact, it’s this very feeling that can lead to rampant shopping cart abandonment negatively impacting key ecommerce metrics for online retailers.

To avoid this, viral beauty brand Glossier, leverages motivational language in a pop-up that appears for first-time customers. The copy reads “You deserve it.” a motivational phrase the devil on our shoulder has no doubt uttered as we decide whether or not to spend! This pop-up encourages shoppers to continue down Glossier’s funnel, claim a special offer, and grab the skincare or makeup products they so deserve.

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Outdoor Voices: Motivational Category Page

Athleisure company, Outdoor Voices, has built its brand on motivational language that encourages consumers to get up, go outside and start “doing things”. Because of this, it’s no surprise that the brand uses this same type of language throughout its site. 

One unique location where Outdoor Voices incorporates motivational language is on its “shop by activity” category page. The headline at the top of the page encourages shoppers to “Keep Doing Your Thing” followed by a subhead that reads “However you choose to move. Whether it’s your first step or fifth marathon, we’ve got everything you need to keep up the momentum.” Paired with product imagery, this language entices visitors to grab the items they need to try new things or support their existing hobbies.

Outdoor Voices motivational activity page

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Sculp’d: Motivational Homepage Headline

Sometimes we need a little encouragement before trying something new! Direct-to-consumer pottery kit company, Sculp’d, plays off of this with a motivating homepage headline that reads: “Start Your Pottery Story”. This bold copy helps motivate visitors that are new to pottery to choose Sculp’d when dabbling with the hobby. Everyone has to start somewhere— and sometimes a motivational headline like Sculp’d’s can make all the difference during the purchasing process.

Sculp'd motivational hompage

Motivational Language B2B Examples

In the world of B2B, motivational language can help sway decision-makers towards purchasing a product or signing up for a demo. See how brands like Maxio, Enboarder, and Salesforce do just that in the examples below.

Maxio: Motivational Call to Action (CTA)

When selling to other businesses, many companies take the approach of elevating decision-makers and making them feel that they hold the keys to meeting their company’s goals. Making site visitors feel like they are at the helm of their company’s success can give them the encouragement and motivation they need to move forward in your sales funnel.

Financial operations platform, Maxio, uses this messaging strategy to sway visitors into clicking its “get a demo” CTA. By asking visitors if they’re ready to set up their company for financial success, Maxio subliminally indicates that the person reading the copy can make this change whether or not they ever have before.

Maxio motivational headline question

Enboarder: Motivational Solutions Page

Taking on a challenge like vetting software for your business can be stressful. Not only can it feel like there are countless technological requirements to assess, but also making the wrong decision can cost your business tons of money—that’s a lot of pressure!

One way to make visitors feel more at ease as they page through your SaaS site is by showing visitors you’re on their team. Onboarding software company, Enboarder, does this on one of its  solutions pages with the phrase “Let’s make it count.” The motivational phrase not only encourages visitors to take hold of their change program but also indicates that Enboarder’s team will be part of that process with the word “let’s”. 

Enboarder motivational solutions

Salesforce: Motivational Site Navigation

Of all of the compliments there are in the world, being called a “trailblazer” is certainly among the most flattering. Customer retention management (CRM) software company, Salesforce, certainly knows this and uses it to its advantage to engage visitors. Salesforce calls those who complete the brand’s online courses or join its community “trailblazers” —and who doesn’t want to be one of those?

Although this messaging appears throughout its site and other marketing properties, one unique location Salesforce references its community is in its site navigation. When visitors mouse over the “Learning” section of the navigation bar, they’re met with an encouraging message: “Become a Trailblazer.” By giving its community members a flattering nickname and incorporating it into unique parts of its site, Salesforce creates a positive, flattering, and consistent experience for visitors.

Salesforce motivational navigation

We hope these six examples give you the inspiration you need to start incorporating motivational language into your website.

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