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5 Plain Language Website Headlines Examples for B2B

When writing for a B2B audience it can be easy to slip into using jargon, big words, and complicated sentence structure. And who can blame you? If your company sells a complex product, it can be tricky to explain exactly what your brand is all about in no-frills terms.

But, did you know that when writing for a B2B audience it’s best to keep your copy at about an 8th-grade reading level? That’s right— studies show that regardless of literacy level, people prefer simple writing they can understand the first time they read it. 

This type of writing is formally known as plain language, and in addition to its clear and concise nature typically scores an 8th-grade reading level in readability tests. While it’s best to use plain language across your entire B2B website, one great place to start experimenting with this type of writing is in your headlines.

Below we’ve compiled examples from five B2B brands of website headlines written in plain language. Keep reading to see how Brainshark, Divvy, Hireology, Hootsuite, and Verkada leverage plain language to educate visitors about their respective brands simply and effectively.


Plain language headline: Preparing your teams can be hard. We make it easier.

In the below screenshot sales enablement software company, Brainshark uses two short sentences to explain one of the brand’s value propositions. With the use of plain language, casual browsers can understand that Brainshark is designed to make sales enablement easier.


Plain language headline: Access the credit your business needs.

In this example expense software company, Divvy uses plain language as well as the second person point of view to engage site visitors. This headline gets straight to the point—with Divvy businesses can access the credit they need. Even with a quick scan, visitors can understand the benefit of using Divvy.


Plain language headline: Simplify your HR needs

Recruiting and HR platform, Hireology, keeps it short and sweet in the example below. With a headline like this, casual browsers walk away with a solid understanding of what Hireology does after a single visit to the brand’s site.


Plain language headline: What our customers are saying about us

When introducing social proof, many brands opt for snappy, but unclear headlines like “the proof is in the pudding” or “word on the street.” While these are certainly clever, idioms may be hard to understand quickly. As such social media management software company, Hootsuite opts for a headline in plain language to easily introduce the brand’s ample positive reviews.


Plain language headline: Quickly Detect and Respond to Threats

When shopping for building security, buyers want to know that the solution they purchase will enable them to identify and mitigate threats quickly. Security company, Verkada, uses a plain language headline to communicate to visitors that with its solution, this will be the case.

We hope these five examples give you the inspiration you need to start experimenting with plain language headlines on your B2B website.

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