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ABM Challenges Keeping Marketers Up at Night

According to Gitnux, 17% of marketers tout mature account based marketing (ABM) programs, while 83% struggle to build and deploy their ABM strategies. If you fall into the vast majority of marketers still trying to launch and grow an effective ABM program but are not sure where to start you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we’re covering three of the major barriers that inhibit marketers’ ability to scale successful ABM programs, plus actionable solutions to these challenges. Whether you’re trying to uplevel your existing ABM strategy or build a new program from the ground up, the tips in this post will guide you to the next stage of program maturity.

Keep reading to learn about three key ABM challenges and how to overcome them.

Challenge #1: Budget

With economic uncertainty becoming the new normal, it’s no surprise that 37% of marketers struggle to secure sufficient resources to dedicate toward their ABM initiatives. And, the “do more with less” mindset that has come with the 2024 tech recession means that despite financial barriers, marketers must continue to drive growth with their diminished budgets, leaving ABM managers in a tough position. 

Solution: Integrations

Invest in ABM solutions that offer ample integrations with your existing technology stack. This will enable you to leverage software your organization is already paying for, rather than fighting for more budget to purchase new expensive tools. 

Additionally, prioritizing tools with ample integrations will ensure that you’re not operating your ABM program in a silo, which can make it tricky to turn the results of your program into insights.

Challenge #2: Landing Pages

Although landing pages are a foundational element of most effective ABM programs, marketers still struggle to create them quickly and at scale for key accounts. Because of the time and manual work it takes to build landing pages, ABM managers can often find themselves bogged down with manual work, leaving them with little time or energy for strategy and planning.

Solution #2: AI

These days it’s hard to have a conversation about marketing without hearing the term “AI.” And, with good reason: once a science fiction dream, AI has become a real way for marketers to increase their output. 

For many, leveraging AI just means using ChatGPT to help them beat writer’s block— but don’t stop there, it’s time to leverage AI to help you scale your ABM landing pages. Using Intellimize’s AI Landing Pages, all you need to do is select an existing page of your website to serve as a template. From there simply prompt our powerful AI on how you’d like to adjust the messaging on your page and voila—a new landing page is born! AI Landing Pages makes it quick and easy to create personalized landing pages your sellers can use to send to key target accounts.

Challenge #3: One-to-One Personalization

One-to-one personalization is often regarded as the gold standard when it comes to high-converting, targeted ABM programs. However limited resources and headcount can make it tricky to personalize at a one-to-one level.

Solution #3: Try One-to-Many or One-to-Few

Just because one-to-one personalization is an impressive marketing feat and resume builder doesn’t mean that it’s right for your specific company. 

When getting started with personalization there’s no need to dive straight into the deep end with a one-to-one approach. One-to-many or one-to-few personalization campaigns can allow you to test messaging and value propositions on a larger audience before you invest your time into a hyper-personalization approach. Best of all, when done correctly one-to-few campaigns can often feel like one-to-one, saving you time in the long run.

We hope these three ABM challenges and solutions help guide you as you continue to build a high-performing ABM program. If you’re looking for more guidance on the topics covered in this blog post, check out our eBook Fill in the Blanks of your ABM Program.

Fill in the Blanks of Your ABM Program