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Crafting the Ultimate One-to-One Landing Page for your ABM Program

Landing pages have long been a crucial element in digital marketing strategies, acting as a pivotal point in the buyer’s journey that facilitates engagement and conversion. 

Through the evolution and advancement of B2B personalization solutions, one-to-one landing pages have revolutionized how businesses interact with their key target accounts.

Whether you’re just getting started with personalized landing pages or are looking to uplevel your existing one-to-one landing page program you’re in the right spot! In this blog post, we’re taking a deep dive into the essentials of creating one-to-one landing pages that convert.

What is a One-to-One Landing Page?

Unlike traditional landing pages (i.e. PPC, event registration pages, accounts, etc.), one-to-one landing pages tailor content, offers, and experiences to individual visitors or accounts.

One-to-one landing pages are often used as a critical component of a hyper-personalized account based marketing (ABM) strategy, enabling you to customize your outreach to show key target buyers exactly how your solution solves their unique challenges.

Best of all, buyers love one-to-one landing pages too! One-to-one landing pages speak directly to the needs of the 76% of consumers who are more likely to purchase from brands that offer personalized experiences.

Key Elements of a One-to-One Landing Page

The content of a one-to-one landing page varies greatly depending on the visitor's profile, preferences, and account information. 

Below you’ll find information on different types of elements you can include on your one-to-one landing pages:

One-to-one landing page example
One-to-one landing page example from Intellimize

Personalized Headlines and Copy

Using your headline, speak directly to the visitor, acknowledging their specific needs, interests, or pain points. You can add dynamic content like company name or job title to the headline to personalize the page for each visitor.  Not only will this help grab visitors’ attention but signal to them the content below the fold is customized for them as well.

Customized Offers

Present offers or products that align with the visitor's behavior or preferences. In the screenshot below, visitors of an Intellimize blog catered to beauty brands are met with a side-pop promoting an eBook written for the same audience.

Relevant Imagery and Media

Use images or videos that resonate with individual visitors, increasing engagement, and connection. For example, you can include their company logo on the page or a header image relating to their industry. 


Include a form website visitors can fill out to snag a personalized offer. Forms enable you to capture valuable visitor information and zero-party data that you can use to further personalize outreach down the line. 

Recommended Resources 

At the bottom of the page include extra resources personalized for the visitor. For example, you can add relevant blog posts, case studies, and eBooks to engage visitors who may not be interested in a demo quite yet.

Navigation Bar

Experiment with showing and hiding the navigation bar at the top of your landing pages to see how it impacts conversions.

Sales Representative Information

You can include a small section showcasing the sales representatives assigned to the target account the landing page was created for. Including information like this conveys to visitors that they already have a team ready to support them once they’re ready to make a purchase.

Logos and Customer Reviews

Social proof like customer logos, reviews, and industry awards can help to boost credibility and conversions. In fact, 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to buy after reading a positive review of a brand or product.

What Converts on a One-to-One Landing Page?

Conversion on a one-to-one landing page hinges on relevance and personalization. 

Key elements include:

Clear, Personalized Calls to Action (CTAs)

According to HubSpot, personalized CTAs perform 202% better than those that are not personalized. Take time to think through your buyer's journey to identify what kinds of verbiage will work best for different types of personas.

Social Proof

Social proof like testimonials, reviews, or logos of well-known customers personalized to the visitor's industry or interests can boost credibility.

Urgency and Scarcity Indicators

Customized messages about limited offers or availability can prompt immediate action, driving visitors deeper into the funnel at a faster rate.

How to Leverage Pop-up Modals on One-to-One Landing Pages

Pop-up modals, when used strategically, have the potential to drastically improve conversions on your one-to-one landing pages. Here are two different types of modals to consider: 

Exit Intent Pop-up Modals

Use an exit intent pop-up modal to offer a personalized piece of content, newsletter sign-up, or demo request that appears when the visitor attempts to leave the page. 

Exit intent pop-up modal example
Exit intent pop-up modal example from Sprout Social


Leverage side-pops to offer a personalized incentive to get a demo or take a meeting that appears on page load or after a certain scroll depth. 

Side-pop example
Side-pop example from Intellimize

What You Need to Create a One-to-One Landing Page

Base Template Page

You’ll need a base template of a webpage to start. The goal should be to try to match the format and design of the rest of your website. 

You can use a product page or build one yourself in your website content management system (CMS). Partner with your web development team to see if their expertise is required.

Web Personalization Solution

You’ll need a website personalization solution to orchestrate building unique links for your sales and marketing teams to use when driving visitors to the one-to-one landing page.

Another benefit of website personalization solutions like Intellimize is that they can deanonymize website traffic letting you know if a target account visited the one-to-one landing page and what they did on the page.

Dynamic Fields

You may want to include dynamic fields on one-to-one landing pages to improve personalization. For example, you can include the company name, contact name, contact title, or any other relevant information about the visitor. 

Dynamic field example

What to Consider When Building One-to-One Landing Pages

Setting Clear Goals

Define what you aim to achieve with each landing page — lead generation, sales, or engagement. Many one-to-one pages are designed with account engagement as a goal.

Utilizing Data

Leverage existing information about the visitor or account to inform the personalization of each page.

Designing for Personalization

Use flexible templates that allow for dynamic content changes. For example, consider using an existing landing page or webpage as a starting point.

Testing and Optimizing

Monitor web visits with your personalization tool, allowing you to refine and improve the personalization over time.

How to Promote Your One-to-One Landing Page

Each one-to-one landing page should have its own unique link for each target account or contact. A best practice is to have this link live in Salesforce on the contact or account record to easily automate your outreach.

Here are some ways to promote your one-to-one landing page:           

Targeted Email Campaigns

Include links in your marketing emails that lead contacts to the personalized one-to-one page.

Targeted email example

Personalized LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

71% of consumers expect brands to provide personalized experiences. You can cater to this need early on in your buyer's journey by tailoring your LinkedIn ad copy and creative to match the personalized landing pages they link to. Consider referencing company name or job title in your LinkedIn ads to grab the attention of the specific contact you are trying to engage.

Targeted Sales Emails

Arm your sellers with unique links in their outbound sequences that direct prospects to a one-to-one page. You can use a website personalization tool like Intellimize to build unique links for each contact to accomplish this. 

Targeted sales email


Personalized one-to-one landing pages can be a transformative way to boost the efficacy of your ABM strategy. They enable you to hyper-personalize your outreach to show your key target buyers exactly how your solution solves their unique challenges. They can also be an extremely effective asset for your sales team in their outreach efforts. One-to-one landing pages are also great from a buyers’ perspective, giving them easy access to relevant information. 

If you’re ready to get started with one-to-one landing pages, be sure to check out Intellimize’s AI Landing Pages, the fastest way to build personalized landing pages for every persona, using generative AI.

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