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Learn how to tailor web experiences so that they resonate for each individual visitor.

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Note: We use images from different websites to illustrate certain concepts. Some sites are our customers, some are not, and some images are mocked up. All images are for example purposes only.

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Test form validation as a way to qualify prospects

Form validation can be a good option to leverage if you want to filter out less qualified leads so that more of the prospects converting …

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Test adding features to your thank you pages to extend the experience

The page that appears after a prospect submits a form is often underutilized. You can drive engagement beyond the form fills by seizing the opportunity …

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Experiment with tailored chatbots

Chatbots are a handy way to gain more insights into your prospects, help direct them towards what they’re looking for, and guide them to your …

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Experiment with different images to see what resonates with prospects

An image is worth a thousand words, as they say. Sometimes your images can draw prospects in and, combined with the right messaging, encourage them …

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Test personalized landing pages that maintain the continuity of your ad messaging

Compel visitors from paid ads to convert once they reach your site by using the same imagery, keywords, phrases, and special offers from the ad. …

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Try personalizing the homepage so that it becomes a dynamic landing page

Imagine a world where every time a prospect landed on your homepage, they were presented with content tailored specifically to their traits and interests. Intellimize …

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