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Website Optimization Playbooks

Personalization to try on your site to deliver web experiences that engage each individual visitor.

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Note: We use images from different websites to illustrate certain concepts. Some sites are our customers, some are not, and some images are mocked up. All images are for example purposes only.

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Highlight Key Concepts and CTAs

Place important content above the fold to grab attention

The concept of “above the fold” originates with newspapers, where the newspaper was folded and only a portion of the page was visible at first …

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Optimize your CTAs to drive engagement

When prospects arrive on a page, you want them to take one or more desired actions. Of those actions, reflect on what the main objective(s) …

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Simplify your form fields

Once the prospect reaches the form, you’ve already caught their interest and they’re at least partially invested. You want to make the form experience as …

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Interactive forms

Consider thinking outside of the form field box by injecting some color and life into your forms. Anything that saves your prospects time and effort …

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Shorter messaging and different tone

Try testing out different approaches to how you say what you want to say. Your prospects might respond better to simpler phrasing or a shift …

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Tailored case studies and social proof

Generally, case studies and social proof can help give prospects an inside look into how effective your solution can be for them as well as …

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